Thursday, 25 August 2016

[Review] Play Monster Grip K

Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you the  "Play Monster Grip K"
This Kendama is a biggie.
As mentioned in an earlier review, it has the exactly the same dimensions as the Play Monster K with the exception of grip on the tama .
Big sized Kendamas are refreshing to play with.
Refreshing and exhausting ,but with fun included .
Crafted out of Austrian Beech wood , the Play Monster Grip K is packaged in style as you can see in the images below.

Release the beast!

Big fun!

Big balance

Perfectly crafted

I am big , with grip!

How long played with:
2 weeks and counting.

First impressions, out of the box:
A package of fun, waiting to be played with. The included quickguide for basic tricks and spare string is always appreciated.
Including extras makes you feel covered by the manufacturer.
Smooth surface on the sarado and ken, silky smooth Tama .
What strikes here is the same that struck when we tested the Play Monster K.
A slight elasticity on the string, presumably to prevent the string from breaking due to the sheer weight of the Tama.
Not a problem at all actually, well thought of .

Recommended for, suggestions, comments:
A good choice if you want to bring your Kendama jamming to the next level.
Airplane to Lighthouse is actually doable for me with this Kendama, tricks i am struggling with on a regular sized Kendama.
 (Practice, practice practice).
Why not try those hard to land tricks with this one ?
Durability , quality and playability sums it up really.
This goes for the actual woodcrafting on the Ken and Sarado, and also on the paint of the Tama.
A reliable choice if you are in the market for a Big Sized Kendama!
Hats off for Kendama Europe, letting Androidistica test this big Piece of Fun!

Saturday, 13 August 2016

[Review] Play Grip K

Kendama Europe has blessed Androidistica with yet another Kendama in their "Play" series.
This one is called "Play Grip K".
This Kendama has the same dimensions as the "Play Pro K" , which was reviewed earlier by us.
One difference that is intentional looking at the name of this Kendama is the Tama itself.
We now have grip!

Grip me!
Now, in my early times with Kendama, i preferred non-grippy ones.
Someone , somewhere on the internet wrote something that struck me.
The theory was based on starting out with a non-grip kendama, to catch the basics so to speak.
This approach was recommended just to avoid problems later on, when trying to land tricks with a non-grip Kendama, it could cause struggling results.
I have now played Kendama for 3 months, and the Play Grip K makes sense to me.
(As does all other "grippy" Kendamas out there as well of course).
When venturing further from the basic ball and cup tricks, into the world of Lighthouse and other balancing tricks the Play Grip K really helps, a lot.

Read, play , eat repeat.
As always with Kendama Europe products, the balance is there, the smoothness of the beech tree is there too.
What also is there is the Tama itself, durable, smooth and distinct in it's weight.
Again, i was able to do progress on my tricks skills with the help of a Kendama Europe product.


How long played with:

Two -three weeks.

First impressions, out of the box:
Smooth Tama, quality Ken and Sarado, serious string.
Pro package as you can see in the image above.
Balanced and well crafted in hand, a tad heavier tama than the "Play Pro K" but same size as it.

Recommended for, suggestions, comments:
An excellent Kendama, daily driver material any day.
Personally a big help going further into balancing tricks, such as lighthouse and mixing it up with other tricks.
Durable tama here as well, the paint seems layered, as i clumsily enough dropped the Kendama on tarmac while practicing some hand-turns.
The Kendama Europe Team know their game , this too is a quality Kendama .

Thursday, 11 August 2016

[Review] Play Hardwood K

The Kendama Europe review-series continues and we have now reached a noble piece called "Play Hardwood K".
Packaged as Kendama Europe always does , beautifully boxed.
Spare string, quick guide included.

First thing that strikes me when taking this Kendama out of the box is the lightness in hand.
Being a hardwood Kendama this feels really light compared to other hardwood ones.
The lightness in weight enables you to perform those "just about there - tricks" and complete them,
Being a beginner myself, i managed to land "Earth-turns" , "Ken-flips" and "Lighthouse" with this little beauty.

Bringing it out and about, those who have tried this Kendama also reflected on the lightness and the comfortable feeling in hand while jamming with it.

Don't just watch me, pick me up nao!

Being a hardwood Kendama, the aging is gorgeous.
Looking at the pictures from unboxed to being used a month , the aging is graceful, never ugly.

"I'm hard and beatiful."

How long played with:
A month.

First impressions, out of the box:
Hellooo gorgeous! No joke, this Kendama is beautiful to watch, to hold and to use.
Light as a feather almost. Smooth hardwood all over , both the Ken, Sarado and Tama.

Recommended for, suggestions, comments:
Once broken in, recommended for those tricks you almost are making .
As mentioned earlier, yours truly made progress on a couple of tricks i've been struggling with .
All thanks to the sheer lightness of the Play Hardwood K Kendama.
Aging does make it even more manageable, which is just as it should be.
It also clicks discreetly and distinctively, which i like a lot.

If you head up to website, you have comments from some Pro Kendama players on the Play Pro K product line there as well.

And also , for more information about this piece of art, go to Kendama Europe's homepage.

A proud Lighthouse-filled thank you to the crew at Kendama Europe for letting us make this review!

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

[Review] Play Monster K from Kendama Europe

This one is a BIG Kendama.
We have reviewed another beatiful biggie before , from Krom Kendama but Play Monster K is even bigger than the Viking.
Packed beatifully , with a spare string and a leaflet with the basic Kendama tricks illustrated , the Play Monster K hits you with the dimensions and weight .

Built from european beech wood , there is nothing to complain on build-wise.
On the back of the box we have an age limit, you'll have to be 14 years or older to be playing with the Monster.
Once you drop the tama (ball) a couple of times the age limit makes  sense.

Hello everyone! I'm a big beatiful Kendama!

So that's the presentation, how is the Monster performing then ?
I'd say it does very well .
As Kendama Europe states on their infopage regarding the Monster, this one is excellent for practicing those new tricks with, or performing with.
What strikes me once again with Kendama Europes products is the paint on the Tama.
It just wont chip at all, which i really like.
This is one of the key elements for Play Monster K as well.

A few weeks  of hammering tricks, paint still sticks.

So the final verdict then :
How long played with:
3 weeks.
First impressions, out of the box:
Classy package, spare string included is always a plus, and the leaflet is nice as well.
Big is the word, new dimensions to the Kendama - ism.
Recommended for, suggestions, comments:
As stated earlier, a good Kendama for learning new tricks with due to the huge dimensions. The Kendama string is elastic, just a bit. Most likely this was a design choice to prevent the string from breaking due the weight of the tama.
This fact does not affect the tricks negatively though.
A clicking "Thanks " to the crew at Kendama Europe for having Androidistica doing this review.

Friday, 8 July 2016

[Review] Kendama Europe , Play Pro K

Next Kendama up for review is Kendama Europes "Play Pro K".
The Kendamas made by Kendama Europe are produced in a detailed way.
Just looking at the industry certifications, regarding workers wages, sustainability and enviroment, there is no match amongst the European Kendama brands to these ones.
You can catch more details here.
Package is familiar by now, if you caught the previous review of the Play Pocket K.
As you can see it is premium.

Inside the box we have :
- Kendama
- Manual   
- Replacement string

This one is beatuifully crafted .
European Beech wood used as building material and the paint on the Tama is durable!
Now what i mean with durable, is non-chipping durable.
As you can see in the image "after some use", there is no paint chipping yet from the Tama.
Taking that into consideration and also the armada of certifications these Kendamas qualify for we have nothing short of a pro build here.
And the certificates are plenty i assure you , these Kendamas are safe to use from 7 years and up.
Read more about them here.

So whats the verdict then ?

- How long played with :
3 Weeks .

- First impressions, out of the box:
Classy! A quality product when it comes to balance, grip and details. Also nice to get a replacement string and a brief manual with some basic trix illustrated.
Packagin is also stylish inside the box.

- Recommended for, suggestions, comments:
Easily a daily driver. It's joyous to use and also the wear-in is very satisfying on the tama and the cups.
No large chips of paint or wood falling off even though I'm surely not an expert in Kendama.

 4,5 / 5 

Make sure to check this one out, and keep your finger on this dial for the next review coming up, also a Kendama Europe product!

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

[Review] Kendama Play Pocket K

Play Pocket K by Kendama Europe 

This little fellow is simply adorable.
(Never thought i'd start a review with a sentence like that btw).
We are dealing with Kendama Europes Play Pocket K Kendama this time.

Some conceptions and ideas around Pocket models are :
- Is it a keyring , one you cant really do tricks with ?
- Can you really build a quality kendama that small  ?
- Is it worth the price ?

Now, looking at the first impression in packaging you have to admit it looks promising .
It is a Pocket Kendama for real, it even comes with an extra string.
With the same design as it's big brothers and sisters (We will look into them in later reviews), and a build quality that feels confident , the Play Pocket Kendama brings smiles to peoples faces.
A comparison of a regular sized Kendama and the Pocket Play K

While carrying it around at work, at sports events and showing it to friends, colleagues, kendama shop owners everyone has been mesmerized at once.
The pieces are just like on a regular sized kendama.
You have a string, the tama (ball), the Ken and even a replacement string to use if needed.
It can be taken apart if you are left handed and need to change sides on the string or to replace it.
Just like a regular sized Kendama. 
And yes, there is a bead on the string by the way.

So how does it play then ?
Being a novice in the Kendama-sphere i did try some basic trics with Pocket Play .
I can do a decent "Around the world", and the "Moshi kame" amongst other beginner tricks.
The size makes you really be considerate of how you grip the Kendama.
I have yet to land "Around the world" with this little gem, but i have been close .
So for the final verdict:

- How long played with :
 Two weeks, off and on.
- First impressions, out of the box:
Pro-packaged, charming design and challenging looks. Makes you want to try it right away.
- Recommended for, suggestions, comments:
Excellent gift for anyone playing Kendama. A "Take it to the next level-type kendama" if you will. Extremely portable due to it's size of course. Good companion on any trip, be it work or leisure.

Now stay tuned, because we have a lot more of this stuff coming , more Kendama Europe items will be reviewed. Things will get bigger ...

A big thanks to the crew at Kendama Europe for having Androidistica reviewing their Pocket Play K Kendama.

Monday, 16 May 2016

[Review - follow up] Kromkendama Viking Zebra Horizontal revisited.

How Long Playing Kendama:
- A month.
First Impressions, Out of The Box:
- This is a big boy. The tama is heavy, very beatiful with the two-coloured wood.
  A beatiful box with dark design , inside of box clad in a golden surface.
Recommended for, Suggestions, Comments:
- Perfect for trying out new stuff with and even for presenting Kendama to a person who never has tried it before. (My colleagues were reallly into this one)
The natural, non-sticky surface is good for really getting into those hard to learn tricks.
Star Rating (out of 5):
- 5/5 .

Overall the Kromkendama Viking Zebra Horizontal  easily takes a place as a "daily driver".
Mostly because of the larger size,enabling you to attempt those tricks that still are a "learning in progress",  but also the nice feeling you get handling the natural hardwood Ken and Tama.
It goes well as a comforter as well, when failing everything on a regular sized Kendama, there is always something i am able to land with the Viking.
Yes, the Tama is heavy but it still is not heavier than the Ken, so it's not causing any imbalance doing tricks.

Wear and tear on the Tama shows, but most of the scuffing you can see in the photos are due to the fact that i am at a beginner stage with all this new, fun and challenging Kendama:ism.
The Ken has taken some heavy hitting too, but no large chunks of wood have flewn off or any large dents have been born so the Viking Zebra Horizontal holds together nicely .

This one should be in any home where Kendama is played.